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This group of vessels is the culmination of an exploration in the intersection between pottery’s relationship to the body, Taishō era textile evolution, historical printing techniques, and my own material engineering and geological interests. This work investigates the lines between surface and form, fashion and costume, art and design, and brings them into conversation with each other through the manifestation of these vessels.

The form of the individual vessel swells and informs the next as the conversation passes between them in a gallery space, evolving as a breath passes through the circle. Each vessel is paired with a textile counterpart that was discovered through my research, which include both historical references, pulled from the Montgomery Collection of Japanese Folk Art, and modern references, including a 2023 fast fashion collaboration between Scandinavian brands Ikea and Marimekko. They wear their mono-printed glaze coat as a body wears clothes, counterbalancing the vibrant prints with their own contrasting surface colour.