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Stephanie Arnot is an emerging Canadian ceramic artist originally from the west coast of Canada. She previously studied volcanology, before graduating from the Kootenay School of Art Ceramics program, and completing a BFA in Ceramics and Glass from Alberta University of the Arts.

She enjoys merging colour, material, and textures into fantastic objects, whether sculptural or functional. Her current focus is on dynamic geologic systems and the relationship between the earth and humans, using a visual vocabulary that explores natural formations and processes. Her ceramics often incorporate minerals and aggregates she has collected or created herself, bringing them to the forefront of how the viewer interacts with her work.

“Working in clay is a natural extension of my abiding passion for the earth made tangible. Geologic deposits dug from the ground, formed by mind and hand, heated until they return to stone. All manner of mineral and human working together to form an enduring object of beauty and function.

As an artist, I’m driven to explore the boundaries of material expression, whether that be the line between stone, clay body and glaze, or our visual relationship with the landscape. I am driven to seek wisdom and experience through material, boundlessly infatuated by the possibilities that unfold before me as I learn from and collaborate with the world around me. I aspire to create long-lasting pieces that subvert understanding of material and celebrate this through fantastical well-crafted objects.